What Can You Expect From The Mi 9?


Mi 9 introduced by Mi maker Mi is the next generation mobile phones from the brand. It has been loaded with great features and advanced technologies. These high end smartphones are packed with powerful hardware, robust software, mesmerizing visual images and remarkable sound quality. With its high definition camera, Hi-Fi sound quality and other highly efficient features, it has become one of the most sought after handsets among the mobile enthusiasts. To buy Mi 9 online, one can easily do so. One can simply go through the various options available by browsing the various websites that deal in selling phones.

Mi 9 comes with an innovative in-display fingerprint scanner. This innovative feature has made it easier to operate the smartphone. Simply slide your finger on the home key or any other key on the screen to unlock the device. You can use this fingerprint scanner to access the phone’s features such as Email, Dictionary, Alarm Clock, Contacts and so many others. The Mi 9 also features a unique anti-slip grip to increase the efficiency of its operation. Mi 9

The Mi 9.0 Pie is another feature that can be pre-ordered from the Mi Store. This unique phone comes with a large 16.4 mega pixel in-display fingerprint reader. With this innovative biometrics feature, it is easy to input your preferred biometric details such as your name, gender, email address, phone number and so many others. Once your finger is scanned, it is stored on the Mi Cloud storage and accessed by the associated device.

There are several innovative features that comes along with the phone. It features a unique user interface that makes it different from any other smartphone. You can easily browse all the applications installed in the device with just one click. Once you start browsing, you will come across various apps that will help you save, share and save more. As you go deeper into the internet, you can check all your important emails and files and chat with friends using the IM system.

One of the most exciting features of the Mi 9.0 is its high resistance to water. Built from top companies like LG, Samsung and Motorola, the Mi 9 packs a huge punch when it comes to water resistance. In fact, the Mi 9 packs the strongest water resistant feature that is currently available in the market, along with four solid built-in layers for protection.

In addition to all these amazing features, the Mi 9.0 features a heart rate monitor incorporated with the phone for a more accurate reading of your pulse rate. You can also enjoy a real time video recording of yourself from the front camera of the smartphone. The front camera of the smartphone also serves as a secondary visual input while performing complex tasks on the Mi 9. You can view all the images taken with the camera with the front camera of the phone.